Nation branding in emergency: Lybia, Japan

Lybia and Japan are weathering two different kinds of tragedy. Lybians are fighting for democracy and the Japanese, against natural disaster. This is no time to think about nation brand for both countries, but it is clear that they are demonstrating the fact that nation brands are not only shaped by governments’ well-planned strategies, but also by phenomenon that cannot be predicted and controlled.

Lybia ranks the lowest in nation brand and Japan ranks amongst the top. Although the consequences of what is going on in the two countries will not be evaluated until for a long time, their responses to the disasters will take part in tremendously affecting their nation brand. Therefore, it is important that they overcome this difficult time with wisdom. It is crucial for leaders to step forward and spearhead the Lybian people to keep fighting for democracy and earn the neighbors’ support. This would be the only way for Lybia to throw away its horrible reputation and start anew. As for Japan, it is important for the government and the citizens to respond to the disaster camly. This is the only way they can take advantage of the situation and even better their nation brand by earning respect and trust from the world.