A Good Nation Brand

What makes a good nation brand?

First, a good nation brand would have to serve a practical initiative. In other words, a good nation brand helps the govenment to better manage the nation’s image it wants to project to the world. A good nation brand helps the government generate the political and economic capital it desires.

However, there is something more to a nation brand than a practical purpose. Like any good brand should be able to elicit emotional attachment from its users, a good nation brand needs the power to attract people across the world in its own unique way. The key to generate this emotional attachment can be done not only by enhacing the nation’s reputation with its economy, politics, history, and culture, but also by naturally forming the intergrity of the nation. This is the difficult part that requires time. This integrity can be created when the nature of the people of the country and actions of the government correlate with the image the nation tries to construct.