Country Brand Index by FutureBrand

2010 COUNTRY BRAND INDEX was presented after a research by FutureBrand in partnership with BBC World News. The Country Brand Index is an annual research that ranks country brands, based on FutureBrand’s research methodology. This methodology evaluates country brand scores based on each nation’s performance in 7 categories : familiarity, preference, advocacy, associations, consideration, visitation, and awareness.

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We all are fond of eye-catching rankings such as sports team and college rankings.

How about a country brand ranking? Is it reliable?

Is it possible to evaluate a nation’s brand and rank it above and below those of other nations by surveying only 3,400 people as FutureBrand did?

Country Brand Index by FutureBrand is only one of several other country brand rankings that have been released so far. I plan to cover a few of them soon and see how they are consistent with one another.