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China’s Campaign Lacks Truthfulness

Back in January, I wrote about the nation branding campaign of China in Time Square of NYC. In the article I talked about the possible conflict between China’s current branding strategy and the government’s integrity.

China’s recent diplomacy contradicts its endeavor to re-brand itself with soft-power. It proves that their branding campaign lacks transparency and truthfulness. While China tries to appear to be open, inviting, and friendly on the global stage, its government continues to keep its odd criteria of censorship on the Internet and speech, human rights on its people, and foreign policy on its neighbors.  With these negative attributes, the new image China wants to promote is never attainable.

Below is the link to an article from Human Rights Watch. Australian Prime Minister Gillard expresses her concern over the serious human rights problems in China as she visits the country.

“It’s Possible” Campaign: South Africa

Today, I’d like to take a look at South Africa’s “It’s Possible” tourism campaign that won Africa’s Leading Marketing Campaign 2009. This campaign was meant to promote the nation’s image before the World Cup 2010 that South Africa successfully hosted. I have three videos from the campaign below and there are a few things that I found to be impressive.

The Narration : The voices strike the audience with breathtaking experiences in South Africa. Another effective strategy that caught my eye is the emphasis of ‘possibility’. The campaign highlights the indefinite possibilities provided by South Africa’s compelling natural beauty, culture, and history.

As Travelers, Not As Tourists : “It’s Possible” campaign is also unique in that it treats the audience(or the potential visitors) as travelers, not as tourists. The videos highlight South Africa’s landscape and wild life of natural environment and adventure sports that are perfect for unforgettable memories and self-reflection.

In this video, we can see a mix of exotic African charm with a modern flare.

This video emphasizes South African people’s hospitality.

The “It’s Possible” campaign makes travel a communication with the destination that shape the traveler’s identity. This campaign successfully positions South Africa as an exotic escape where travelers can enjoy diverse activities and become empowered from their experiences.

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